Overview of the RPM Data Breach

Receivables Performance Management LLC (RPM) is the nation’s largest manager of accounts receivable for businesses. The company was the subject of a large ransomware attack that compromised customers’ personal information, including account numbers and Social Security numbers. Now, customers who have had their information stolen are filing a class action lawsuit against RPM.

In April 2021, an unidentified third party gained access to RPM’s systems. One month later, that party launched a ransomware attack. It was not until almost a year and a half later that RPM notified its customers that their personal information was compromised.

Over three million people may have been affected by the data breach. Under federal and California law, RPM may be responsible for paying you financial compensation for failing to protect your information.

The California Consumer Protection Act provides for up to $750 in cash compensation when your information has been stolen as part of a data breach. However, you can only get this compensation when you take legal action. An attorney can help you file the necessary claim to get the compensation that you deserve for RPM’s failure to protect your sensitive data.

You may not have a business relationship with RPM, nor would you have known that they had your personal information. It does not matter. Their failure to secure their own systems and keep your sensitive data protected could entitle you to financial compensation when you file a claim. If you received a notice of a data breach, you should take action today.

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