Protecting the Rights and Reputations of Employees in Los Angeles

When someone spreads false information or lies about you at work, it can cause serious harm to your professional reputation and future. Some co-workers may decide to start false rumors about your ethics, honesty, or competence, and your employer may take this false information seriously. Not only can this type of defamation result in termination, but it can also limit your future career opportunities and cause personal distress.

In California, you have the right to file a legal claim for defamation to stop others from maliciously spreading false information about you. You can also hold these individuals responsible for any financial or mental harm they caused due to their actions. To learn about your options in this situation, call Martin & Bontrager, APC to speak with a workplace defamation attorney in Los Angeles today.

How Defamation in the Workplace Occurs

There are two types of defamation: slander (which is verbal) and libel (which is in writing). In either situation, you must prove certain elements of defamation to prevail on a claim, which include:

  • The person made a false statement of fact (not an opinion)
  • The person communicated the false statement to others
  • The defamation caused harm to your occupation and/or reputation

Defamation can happen after you leave a workplace, as well. For example, if a prospective employer calls a past employer for a reference, and the past employer tells them false information, they may decide not to hire you. You would have the right to hold the past employer accountable for the harm they caused.

Consult with a Workplace Defamation Lawyer in Los Angeles about Your Rights

Martin & Bontrager, APC helps current and former employees determine whether they have a valid defamation claim. Call 323.940.1700 or contact us online to set up a free consultation today.

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