The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) sets out a number of important protections for consumers who share personal information with businesses or other entities. The law requires certain entities that process this type of consumer information to comply with the law and uphold all consumer privacy rights. If you believe your rights have been violated regarding information privacy, you should not delay in contacting a California consumer protection attorney for help.

Know Your Rights

There are different rights under the CCPA that companies can violate, including:

  • The right to know what information is collected or disclosed about you, the sources of that information, the purpose of information collection, and which third parties have access to shared information.
  • The right to access your own personal information at no cost electronically or by U.S. mail.
  • The right to request that your information be destroyed by a company that is storing it.
  • The right to opt-out of having your personal information sold to other parties.
  • The right against retaliation for exercising your rights under the CCPA, such as negative treatment as a consumer by applicable businesses.

While these rights should be clear to every company subject to the CCPA, there are businesses that misuse personal information, fail to inform consumers about information collection, and other violations of the law. This can harm consumers in many ways, and it is important to take legal action if you learn that your information was mishandled or you experienced retaliation for upholding your CCPA rights.

Data Breaches

Data breaches will happen, and they are often the result of a company mishandling information security. The law requires companies to notify consumers if their data was compromised, including medical records, Social Security numbers, credit card or financial account information, and other personal information. If you suffered harm, such as losses due to identity theft, from a data breach, you can take action against the non-compliant company to seek damages and other available legal remedies.

Contact a Los Angeles California Consumer Privacy Act Attorneys

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