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Equifax, Inc. is one of the top three consumer credit reporting agencies, and the company collects and reports credit information throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company maintains accounts for more than 800 million consumers and 88 million businesses across the world. These accounts include demographic and credit information, and many lenders and other providers rely on Equifax reports to make decisions.

Even as a multinational, multi-billion-dollar company, Equifax can make mistakes, and these mistakes can be costly for consumers and businesses. Anyone who needs to challenge Equifax reports or seek legal relief from the credit agency should contact a Los Angeles Equifax lawyer from Martin & Bontrager, APC, immediately.

Equifax Errors

Equifax is certainly not infallible, though lenders and other corporations take the reported information at face value. Reporting errors due to identity theft or even simple mistakes can hurt your finances significantly.

Some issues that consumers might have with Equifax include:

Credit report errors – Companies might inaccurately report your payment history, including late payments, whether accounts are open or not, whether accounts are past due, and more. They might also mix up your credit information with a family member’s or another individual’s, which causes confusion.

Credit identity theft – If someone tries to steal your identity for credit purposes, it can easily make it onto your credit report. Equifax should take proper steps to help you correct the information on your report.

Credit fraud – Some Equifax reports might include fraudulent information when someone else wrongfully used your credit accounts. When you demonstrate fraud, Equifax should remove any associated reports from your account.

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