Electronic Funds Transfer Act
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Protecting Your Rights Under The Electronic Funds Transfer Act

We fight against violations of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act!
Our economy has grown tremendously thanks to modern information technology, and while this has some benefits, it has allowed for issues to arise around electronic fund transfers and unauthorized fees. Under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA), banks and other companies that use EFTs to obtain payments must provide certain disclosures and authorizations, in writing, from consumers prior to the transfer arrangements. The law also requires prompt investigation of consumer complaints and errors, but when banks, creditors, or debt collectors fail to comply with the law, that’s where we can help.

Martin & Bontrager, APC, advocates for consumer’s rights in California, and help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve against these EFTA violations. If someone has been withdrawing money from your account without your clear and written consent, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and recover your losses, plus damages and fees!

Under the EFTA, transactions through the following channels are protected:

  • ATMs
  • Point-of sale (POS) terminals
  • Remote banking systems
  • Automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments
  • Telephone bill-payment plans involving recurring transfers
  • Remittance transfers

Companies that violate the law are required to pay, and we will go above and beyond to make sure that you are compensated fairly. Additionally, we only take our fees from the settlements we win, meaning that you never have to worry about paying us a dime!

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