Background Report Errors

People have credit reports, criminal records, and other consumer reports that collect information about their work history, education, residential history, financial and credit history, and more. Employers often conduct background checks on prospective employees that utilize various databases and sources of information, and the information received about an applicant will often influence hiring decisions, especially criminal records. What happens if your background check includes erroneous criminal information that can harm your reputation and chances of getting a job?

If you believe you have errors in your background check, you should discuss the matter with an experienced consumer protection attorney in Los Angeles. Martin & Bontrager, APC, is here to help you.

Correcting Errors

When you learn about errors presented in your background check, you want to take action as swiftly as possible. You do not want anyone accessing this information when it might damage your reputation or prospects further. Too often, correcting information in a background check is more difficult than you might imagine, and it is important to have the guidance of an attorney who understands how to protect your rights to accurate information.

There are many types of potential errors, which might include:

The problem might be with your government records, or it might be stemming from the background check company. It might be a simple error, or it could be due to identity theft. It is critical to have a lawyer who can get to the bottom of the matter and work to correct your background check information.

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