If someone financed a vehicle and failed to make payments on the auto loan, they can be subject to repossession of the vehicle by the creditor. Unfortunately, some repossessions are unlawful and violate California’s consumer laws. If you suspect this was the case, you should not delay in discussing the matter with a Los Angeles wrongful repossession lawyer.

Reasons Why Repossession Might be Unlawful

First and foremost, some companies repossess vehicles when you are current on your payments. This might be due to accounting errors or other internal mistakes. Whatever the reason, you deserve full recourse under the law when this occurs.

Even if you were in default on your payments, there are things that repossessors are prohibited from doing. These include various breach of peace violations, such as:

  • Threatening physical violence or arrest against you or a family member during the repossession process
  • Breaking a gate or lock
  • Entering a locked or closed garage space
  • Entering your home
  • Physically contacting or harming anyone
  • Having police officers present without a court judgment

If a repossession agent engages in any type of breach of peace violations, you have important rights under the law. They can lose their right to repossess your vehicle at that time, and you might be entitled to damages for the violation.

Even if a repossession might be lawful, you have options to reinstate the auto loan contract and redeem the vehicle in many situations. Always discuss the matter with an attorney who will stand up for your consumer rights.

Seek Help from Los Angeles Wrongful Repossession Lawyers Right Away

The law firm of Martin & Bontrager, APC, represents consumers in a wide range of matters, including repossessions. If you have concerns over a repossession or possible unlawful conduct, contact us online or call 323-940-1700 to discuss the issue with a California wrongful repossession attorney as soon as possible.

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