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Credit scores are essential to your life and determine if you can buy a car or purchase a home. They are also vital to your interest rates, and if there is fraud or other errors on your report, you will have difficulty removing or disputing them. You must speak with our Los Angeles fraudulent credit reporting lawyers at Martin & Bontrager, APC, to discuss your options.

Laws For Identity Theft Claims

California has various laws to protect consumers when there is a fraudulent error on your report. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act handles issues with unfair debt collection practices like letters, telephone calls, and more. The law ensures debt collectors do not use aggressive or abusive practices. As the name suggests, the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from unfair debt collection practices, similar to the FDCPA.


The fair credit reporting act removes fraudulent accounts from your credit report and any inquiries related to those accounts. The act protects consumer privacy and ensures you do not have fraudulent accounts on your report. Automated calls are annoying and stressful, which is why the Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits these phone calls to hospital rooms and healthcare facilities. Lastly, the California Identity Theft Act offers legal remedies for consumers facing fraudulent credit reporting.


The Intrusion Upon Seclusion Act is another legal remedy, and all of the laws and acts we discussed here deal with fraudulent reporting differently.

Speak With a Los Angeles Fraudulent Credit Reporting Attorney

Fraudulent credit reporting and other practices can hinder your life, and you must take legal action. There are federal laws that protect consumers, and California has set out to enact other laws. Many consumers try to fix their reports independently, but you must work with the Los Angeles fraudulent credit reporting lawyer from Martin & Bontrager, APC. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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