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Your bank account is sacred, and your stress goes through the roof when you see an error or unauthorized transaction. Many questions will arise, like how did this happen, and can you fix it? These transactions impact your daily life, and someone has accessed your account. The bank must take action and ensure you are safe. When the bank fails to act, you must speak with a consumer protection attorney from Martin & Bontrager, APC.

You Have Options

Periodically check your bank account and ensure everything looks correct. When you see an unauthorized bank transfer or transaction, it is cause for alarm. Duplicate transactions are also concerning. Consumers know they must contact the bank immediately to resolve the issue. Most of the time, the bank will reimburse you for unauthorized transactions and send you a new debit card. Depending on your circumstances, they can also freeze your account to prevent further fraud.

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act

Banks must follow federal regulations to keep their customers safe, and one of those regulations is the Electronic Funds Transfer Act. under the act, the bank has a responsibility to reimburse and conduct an investigation into any unauthorized transactions. When they do not, you can seek damages from the institution. When a bank does not want to help you or reimburse you for an unauthorized bank transfer, you must speak to our Los Angeles unauthorized bank transfer attorneys.

How a Los Angeles Unauthorized Bank Transfers Lawyer Can Help

Martin & Bontrager, APC, is here to help when the bank fails in its duties. Your finances can take a significant hit when there is an unauthorized transfer or transaction, and the bank must assist you in resolving the matter. We will work with the bank and take legal action when necessary. Discuss your options by contacting our L.A. office today.

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