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Identity theft is rampant in California and across the nation. While consumers believe their information is safe, fraudsters constantly find new ways to take advantage. You must check your credit report consistently to look for fraudulent transactions. Upon finding errors, contact our Los Angeles unauthorized credit card transaction lawyers at Martin & Bontrager, APC, for help.

Steps to Take After an Unauthorized Transaction

Many consumers do not think they need the assistance of a lawyer for an unauthorized transaction, but you do. You must report the fraudulent transaction to your credit card company by filing a dispute within 60 days. Most companies will reimburse you for the fraud and send a new card. Unfortunately, some companies will not fix the dispute, so you need legal assistance. You can dispute the transaction again by sending a detailed letter to the Billing Dispute department.

Options When The Credit Company Refuses to Act

You have the legal right to dispute a credit card transaction for a billing error. When the credit card company refuses to fix your dispute and leaves you out in the cold, you have options. You must contact a Los Angeles unauthorized credit card transaction lawyer upon their refusal. We can help you craft dispute letters and review all the legal actions. If the credit company is unwilling to help, we will file a lawsuit to resolve the issue. A lawsuit can also result in additional damage awards for the company’s negligence.

Speak With a Credit Card Fraud Lawyer Immediately

The Fair Credit Billing Act governs credit card disputes and offers consumers options to protect their scores and personal information. When disputing a charge, you can face some complexities, and our unauthorized credit card transaction lawyers in Los Angeles can guide you through the process. Contact Martin & Bontrager, APC, for help with unauthorized credit card transactions today.

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