Protecting the Rights of Courageous Whistleblowers in California

When you learn that your employer is engaging in some type of wrongful, unlawful, or unethical conduct, reporting the conduct can help the good of all employees and even the public at large. However, many people are too afraid of losing their jobs or suffering other adverse employment consequences because they complained of the misconduct. In the interest of public policy, California has a Whistleblower Protection Act that provides important rights to employees who “blow the whistle” on their employers.

If you are considering a report against your employer or if your employer already retaliated against you, you should consult with a whistleblower lawyer in Los Angeles right away. Find out how our legal team at Martin & Bontrager, APC can help.

Common Reports by Employees

There are many ways that an employer’s misconduct can put others at risk of financial or physical harm. Employees can do the right thing by reporting many types of conduct, including:

  • Health and safety violations
  • Employment or labor law violations
  • Embezzlement or other financial crimes
  • Healthcare fraud, tax fraud, or other types of fraud against the government

If you report any type of unlawful activity or cooperate with an investigation by authorities, the law protects you from any retaliation by your employer. This means your employer may not:

  • Terminate you based on the whistleblowing
  • Demote you or reduce your hours or pay
  • Transfer you to a less desirable assignment or location
  • Harass you or discipline you
  • Deny you the same treatment as other employees

Learn about Your Rights from Our Whistleblower Lawyers in Los Angeles

It can take extreme courage to be a whistleblower, and your employer should not violate additional laws by retaliating against you. The law firm of Martin & Bontrager, APC is here to protect your rights and employment. Call 323.940.1700 or contact us online to consult with a Los Angeles whistle blower attorney today.

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