Losses Experienced by Victims of the RPM Data Breach

When you have been the victim of a data breach, you may be due far more in compensation than you think. Of course, you may be compensated for your actual financial damages. You may also be paid for other harm that you have suffered from the breach.

You may have had to close accounts or take other steps to protect your identity after you received a notice that your data was stolen. In addition, you may have had actual financial losses from the data breach. You can be paid back for what you lost.

In addition, you may have spent time trying to guard your accounts and other information when you learned that your data was compromised. Knowing that someone stole your sensitive information and poses a potential risk to you also can cause you emotional distress. These are compensable forms of damage for which the party that failed to protect your information must pay.

A court will determine the amount of compensation that each data breach victim would receive based on the particular facts of the breach. The more sensitive the information, and the more the company was to blame for whatever to its own system, could be factored in how much compensation you could get. You might get even more compensation if you were the victim of identity theft on account of the information that was stolen.

You have three years to file a claim after you receive notice that your information was compromised.

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