Know Your Consumer Protections

Many large businesses get away with blatant misconduct simply because consumers do not know their rights. Consumers may simply think that they need to accept bad behavior as part of the cost of doing business. Consumer protections are what give you the ability to fight back when corporations use abusive and illegal business practices.

The best consumer is a well-informed one. Companies count on consumers being uninformed, and they continue to push their luck until they no longer get away with it. All it takes is a few minutes of online study to understand the laws that protect you. Then, you would know when you need to call an attorney to help you file a lawsuit against a company acting illegally.

There are several government agencies that post helpful online information that explains consumer protections. Here are more sources of information:

  • The Federal Trade Commission is the government’s primary enforcer of consumer rights and protections. The FTC receives reports of corporate misconduct and conducts investigations. The FTC will release reports about scams and deceptive practices that it is seeing. The agency also vigorously attempts to educate consumers about their rights.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the main agency tasked with investigating and punishing financial misconduct. The CFPB Punishes unfair and abusive lending practices, taking action against banks, credit bureaus, and credit card companies. The CFPB publishes information about financial frauds and scams that impact consumers.

Consumers should take the time to educate themselves about what companies may not do. If a business breaks the law, you may have a right to sue them.

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