Do You Have Misinformation on Your Background Report?

You must often undergo a background check when you are seeking employment. It is an unfortunate reality that the information reported is not always accurate. The consequences of an incorrect background report could be serious. Misinformation could harm your career and your future. Federal law gives you rights in the event of misinformation on your background report.

Incorrect information on your background report can be in the form of the following:

  • Misreporting your criminal record
  • Failing to remove items that should no longer be on your background report
  • Reporting someone else’s information as yours

Employers cannot run a background check on you without telling you first and asking for your permission. You can contest incorrect information on your background report. If a mistake was made, the information must be corrected or removed from your background report within 30 days.

Many clients ask us if they can do anything when they have been harmed by incorrect information. The answer to that question is absolutely. You have the legal ability to file a lawsuit when you have been harmed by an incorrect background report. Whoever made the error that caused you damages can be made to pay them. For your part, you need to be proactive about disputing incorrect information and bringing any mistakes to an attorney’s attention if you have been harmed by them. You can take an aggressive legal approach that vindicates your rights and gets justice for the harm that someone else’s carelessness has done to you.

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