Filing a Consumer Complaint in California

Many people have a suspicion that their consumer rights have been violated by a company, but they do not know how to go about protecting their rights. California has strict consumer protection laws that allow you to file a complaint, but you must do so in the proper manner. Always discuss your best course of action with a consumer protection lawyer in California.

Our legal team can evaluate whether you have a complaint, which might be for:

  • Corrupt business practices
  • Fraud
  • Negligence in handling your transaction
  • Data breaches
  • False advertising
  • Privacy rights violations
  • Improper debt collection

Sometimes, fraud or corruption might only impact you as an isolated case. In other situations, many people might be impacted by the same practices, and it might lead to a consumer class action complaint. Your attorney can identify which type of case is right for your situation.

Once your lawyer determines your cause of action and whether you have an individual claim or a class action, they can take the necessary steps to prepare your complaint. This is the document that you file with the proper civil court to initiate your case. The complaint must include certain information, including:

  • Identifying information for all parties (plaintiffs and defendants)
  • The factual basis of your complaint
  • Your cause of action
  • The damages you seek

Damages can include financial losses due to the consumer violations, other harm you suffered, or even statutory damages if available. You want to ensure you demand the full amount you deserve under the law in your complaint.

Contact Our Consumer Protection Lawyers in California

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