Merrick Bank is based in Utah, and is known for issuing credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans to millions of consumers across the country. Merrick, and the third-party collection agencies that they contract with, have been subject to many consumer complaints over the years, regarding abusive collection tactics and credit report inaccuracies. People have complained that Merrick has employed excessive phone calls and threats of wage garnishment in order to force payment from their debtors. Repeated “robo-calls” and calls from overseas call centers can be stressful, especially when those communications are in violation of your consumer rights. Merrick Bank’s collection harassment has been documented in the past, so if you feel like you have been on the receiving end of this abuse, make note of it right away. You have the law on your side, and we can put an end to the threatening phone calls and make them correct your credit reports. Contact us to learn more.