Bankruptcy FAQ

Bankruptcy helps thousands of consumers each year in the United States recover from crippling debt. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles can answer your specific questions, but the following are some common inquiries we receive.

What bankruptcy options are there for consumers?

The United States Bankruptcy Code sets out different types of bankruptcy under different “chapters” of the law. Consumers are technically able to file under any of the following if they meet additional qualifications:

  • Chapter 7 = Liquidation bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 = Adjustment of debts for consumers with regular income
  • Chapter 12 = Adjustment of debts for family farmers or fishermen

Chapter 7 is the most commonly used form of consumer bankruptcy, with Chapter 13 following for consumers who do not qualify for Chapter 7.

How can a bankruptcy attorney help?

Bankruptcy lawyers can help consumers through the bankruptcy process in many ways, including:

  • Help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you
  • Complete and file all necessary paperwork and supporting documents
  • Communicate with the bankruptcy trustee
  • Help you apply exemptions to protect your property
  • Represent you in any necessary hearings
  • Take steps to ensure you receive a successful discharge of your debts whenever possible

Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles about Your Options

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