Will There be a Data Breach Record for 2021?

According to the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), we might be on track to see a record number of reported consumer data breaches across the United States in 2021. As of the third quarter, the totals for the year were just shy of numbers for the entirety of previous recent years. The projections might even be on the low side, as certain state agencies or consumer organizations have been slow to report numbers this year, possibly due to the pandemic.

According to the data analyzed, the following data breaches have been reported in 2021 so far:

  • Quarter 1 = 354 breaches
  • Quarter 2 = 491 breaches
  • Quarter 3 = 446 breaches

This total of 1,291 data breaches through September 30, 2021, outnumbers the first three quarters of 2020 by 17 percent.

The number of victims involved in data compromises is also rising, as larger breaches are occurring. Quarters 1 and 2 of 2021 saw the compromise of data for about 121 million victims. Quarter 3 saw data compromised for a whopping 160 million victims, which is significantly more than the first half of the year combined. The compromises might stem from cyberattacks, such as phishing and ransomware, but also unsecured cloud databases and other sources of sensitive data.

If you believe your consumer data was compromised in any manner, you should not wait to take action. There are steps you can take to protect yourself from future financial harm, as well as to seek justice for the breach happening in the first place. If you experience any signs of identity theft, you should contact a consumer protection attorney immediately.

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