What to Do if You Suspect Identity Theft

Identity theft can hobble your credit and your finances if you do not promptly and correctly. There are a series of steps that you should take if you believe that you were the victim of identity theft.

The first thing that you should do is review each and every single one of your accounts to see if there is activity that you do not recognize. If you see unauthorized activity, you should alert the institution immediately and close the account. Then, you must place a fraud alert on your accounts with one of the credit bureaus, which will reduce the risk of unauthorized accounts being opened in your name.

Much of your work is done with the Federal Trade Commission. You would need to file an identity theft report with the FTC, which will keep it on file. You should keep a copy with you when you also report the identity theft to law enforcement. Even if the police do not try to catch the perpetrator, you need the police report for proof when you are disputing accounts and charges that have been opened and made in your name.

You should continue to monitor your credit reports and look for any unauthorized activity. You are entitled to a free credit report from the bureaus when you report identity theft. If you see any unauthorized activity, you should act on it immediately, so you are not responsible for any fraudulent charges, and you may get any money withdrawn back into your account.

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