The Top 5 Consumer Complaints

Anyone who has dealt with a credit card company or debt collector probably knows the unique stress and frustration that comes from these interactions. Addressing things like money, debt, and credit scores can be a challenge, particularly when the debt industry as a whole is  very intimidating. Whether or not you’ve ever filed a formal complaint against a collector, or have ever sought the counsel of a consumer rights attorney in Los Angeles, you probably have your own list of things you’re unhappy with.

When it comes to debt collection, telemarketing, and credit reporting, most of us have had at least a couple of bad experiences. Here are some of the top consumer complaints, pertaining to these industries:

  1. Incorrect information

Too often, there is false information on credit reports or in the tallying of debt balances. Trying to get these issues resolved can be a lesson in futility, and several companies may outright refuse to make corrections. These can be things like a credit card account that doesn’t belong to you, or an incorrect calculation of charges on a past bill.

  1. Rude representatives

Sometimes, when communicating with a debt collection agency or other credit agency, people experience horrible customer service. Being put on hold continuously, being hung up on, being cursed or yelled at, or being talked over are some of the most common issues regarding rude employees.

  1. False threats

While the law is on the consumer’s side, many people fall victim to threats made by creditors and collectors. These companies may or may not be allowed to garnish your wages, make notes on your credit report, or take other unsavory actions, but they might try to convince you that they have the power to do so, in order to pressure payment.

  1. Stalling

When the consumer is clearly in the right, some collection or credit agencies will stall or make excuses as to why they can’t fix things. This may come in the form of “passing the buck,” thrusting the responsibility on another party, failing to file claims or paperwork in a timely fashion, or insisting on unnecessary information from you.

  1. Fraud

There are a great many violations that fall under the umbrella of credit and debt collection fraud, but unfortunately they’re becoming more and more common. Intentionally misleading consumers, changing contract terms after signing, altering account information, and misrepresenting themselves are just a few of the fraud-related complaints.

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