Is Your Lender Taking Advantage of You?

Even though there are dozens of laws on the books that are designed to protect consumers from predatory lending, this sort of thing still happens. Mortgage lenders, credit card companies, and car dealers may try to take advantage of people, using a variety of unethical means, and many of them are never caught! Too often, consumers aren’t given the information they need, in order to make a good decision for their own financial future, and end up in serious trouble. Or, loan terms are changed, evidence disappears, or intentional miscommunication happens down the line.

There are many ways that lenders and other financial companies behave dishonestly, and the average consumer wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for the proof. Thankfully, there are experienced consumer rights attorneys in Los Angeles, who can uncover all sorts of illegal activities, and make the responsible parties pay for what they’ve done. Under the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), consumers have the right to accurate information about the financial terms of any agreement, before they enter into it. Consumers are entitled to full disclosure of things like interest rates, fees, and all other terms and conditions of financial agreements. However, this doesn’t always happen.

When you are about to sign a contract for a new car, a home loan, or a credit card, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into. If you feel like you’re not being given all the information, especially if you ask for it outright, it may be time to speak with an attorney. Sometimes, these companies may put on the “hard sell,” and try to push you into a contract by tiptoeing around your questions or omitting certain financial details. Additionally, written agreements are often lengthy and filled with complicated language; an honest lender will highlight the main points and help you understand your exact rights and responsibilities under the contract.

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