Identity Theft Scams During the COVID-19 Crisis

As if we do not have enough to worry about with the threat of COVID-19 exposure, many people are using the crisis as an opportunity for wrongful gain. Identity theft scams come in many forms at this time, and scammers prey on already concerned and uncertain consumers. It is important to stay aware of possible scams so you can prevent serious financial harm from identity theft and other consumer fraud whenever possible.

Government Funding Scams

Many people are losing income and are eager to get their tax returns or stimulus payments. Some scammers are making phone calls or sending texts or emails requesting additional information from consumers so their checks can be processed. Know that the government will never call you or send electronic messages – instead, the IRS will always contact you by mail. Never give anyone claiming to be from the government any personal information.

Healthcare Scams

You might receive an email or phone call offering special pricing for vaccines, health safety kits, home testing kits, and other impossible-to-get healthcare supplies. These supplies are often impossible to obtain because they do not exist. Consumers who are frightened about their health might send information and money to scammers and receive nothing but a mountain of future problems in return.

Phishing Attacks

You might receive emails that appear to be from legitimate sources providing links to the latest information. Once you click the link, however, it might download malware on your computer, giving scammers access to your accounts, passwords, and more. This can result in identity theft and financial harm.

Contact a Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Lawyer in Los Angeles for Help

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