Do You Know Your Consumer Privacy Rights in California?

Many consumers do not realize all the rights they have under California law. For example, did you know that you have many privacy protections under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? This law protects you when you share your personal information with companies and provides you with legal rights when businesses misuse or mishandle your information. Anyone with such concerns should seek help from a California consumer protection lawyer right away.

Some examples of rights under the CCPA include:

  • Knowing what information a company collects (such as on a website) or discloses about you.
  • Knowing why the company is collecting information and whether other parties will have access to the information.
  • Requesting your information from a business for free – either by mail or electronically.
  • Requesting that a business destroys any information it is storing about you.
  • Opting out from having information about you being sold or transferred to other entities.
  • Being free from retaliation from a business because you exercised one or more of your consumer privacy rights.

Every company that must comply with the CCPA should be well-aware of its obligations to protect the privacy of consumers and their personal information. Companies can violate the law by failing to properly inform consumers about information collection, mishandling collected information, allowing data breaches, failing to properly react to data breaches, and more.

When consumers suffer losses due to data breaches or other privacy violations, they have the right to seek relief from the company that violated their rights.

Contact a California Consumer Protection Attorney for Help

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