Consumer Scams Targeting Seniors

Scammers and fraud rings continually design new schemes to defraud consumers, steal identities, and wrongfully take money from individuals and families. Unfortunately, one demographic that is heavily targeted by fraudsters is senior adults. Older adults lose a significant amount of hard-earned money to consumer scams, and the following are some that are popular in recent times.

Tech support – People call seniors with a falsified computer or network problem, gain access to their computers, and steal account information and other sensitive information.

Grandchild in crisis – Someone calls about a grandchild who has been arrested, stranded, or is otherwise in trouble and needs money, and seniors might wire funds to the scammers.

IRS or government agents – Scammers might call or email seniors and state they need to send personal information or money in order to avoid charges for tax or other types of government fraud.

Home improvement teams – People might arrive at a senior’s front door and offer yard or home services for a low price. They charge upfront and then never show up to perform the work.

Lottery or sweepstakes – Scams involve telling a senior that they have the chance to collect millions of dollars in winnings, but they first must send collection fees or other charges.

Caregivers – Some caregivers – whether strangers or family members – might convince seniors to allow them to access bank accounts and other funds, which they take for their own benefit.

Seniors who lose money due to identity theft or other results of consumer scams should discuss their options with a California consumer protection attorney right away.

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