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Allied Interstate

Allied Interstate is a sizeable collection agency, based in the state of Minnesota, which has been known to use dozens of different phone numbers to contact consumers. Their automatic dialing system churns out regular “robo-calls,” and many of Allied Interstate’s calls actually originate in a call center overseas. This company uses a variety of collection campaign tactics, and has allegedly used harassing strategies in their phone calls. These include: calling third parties regarding debts, making false threats about credit reports, and even threatening to garnish wages even without real intent to do so. If you have been receiving calls from Allied Interstate and feel like you are being harassed, you can take action.

Just a handful of the phone numbers Allied Interstate has been known to use are:

888-748-4956, 800-294-7691, 516-437-0800, 866-825-4574, 770-989-5700, 614-901-7988, and dozens more!

EGS (Formerly NCO Financial)

EGS, formerly known as NCO Financial, is one of the largest established debt collection companies in the country, and has been hit with hundreds of consumer complaints over the years. This company has been accused to nearly every form of debt collection harassment, including things like excessive call volume, failing to identify who they are when calling, and disclosing the private information of their debtors. EGS has a large reach, with over 100 call operations centers, and hundreds of different phone numbers that they use to harass consumers. They also buy debts from other creditors, in addition to collecting debts themselves, along with outsourcing certain debts to smaller collection companies. EGS/NCO Financial has a history of threatening behavior over the phone.

This company uses many different phone numbers, including the following:

866-319-8981, 866-833-1704, 614-791-4717, 918-280-0811, 828-365-1084, 800-275-2105

Encore Receivable Management

Encore Receivable Management is a debt collection center based in Olathe, Kansas, and has been known to work with credit card companies in order to collect on past-due accounts. They have been the subject of many consumer complaints regarding violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, most notably, excessive call volume and intimidating tactics designed to force payment. ERM may call multiple times a day, every day, until a formal complaint is filed, so if you feel like you have been harassed by this company, you can make it stop. Their compliance department has a reputation of being amenable, and they take consumer complaints seriously. When you have an overdue credit card account, you should not have to deal with incessant or threatening phone calls from Encore Receivable Management, so make note of any violations.


A multi-faceted debt collection agency with strong international presence, GenPact has been around for nearly thirty years, and has been the subject of several lawsuits regarding violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They have been known to call incessantly, not leave messages, hang up on consumers, and use abusive tactics in order to pressure consumers into payment. GenPact employs thousands of people, mostly in overseas India-based call centers, and has a history of repeated phone calls, bothering consumers several times a day. If you have experienced harassment by GenPact in regards to a debt that you owe, you can send certified letters or file a formal suit against them, in order to cease the abuse. They use dozens of different phone numbers in order to harass consumers, so make a note of these calls when they happen.

GC Services

Based in Houston, Texas, GC Services is a prominent debt collection agency, with over three decades of experience in the industry. They are supposedly the largest private provider of call center outsourcing and collection services in the entire country, and many of their resources are allocated to the collection of student loans. GC Services employs nearly ten thousand people, and has received many complaints regarding phone call harassment and violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. And with their colossal size, it’s to be expected that at least some of their communications fall outside of legal boundaries. If you feel like you have been harassed by GC Services, there is help available to you.

GC Services uses hundreds of phone numbers to contact consumers, including:

786-629-5512, 520-293-2596, 866-465-7931, 800-475-7311, 713-300-7498, 919-439-7901

Midland Credit Management

A collections agency is designed to retrieve funds owed. But the ways they attempt to accomplish this task can be legally nebulous. Without knowledge of the laws surrounding debt collections, consumers can fall victim to harassment and threats. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law designed to keep these institutions from delivering a constant and unwelcome barrage of text messages, phone calls, emails, and other communications. When consumers don’t want these endless notifications, they can file a cease-and-desist letter with the organization, which should prevent further contact.

However, if a company like Midland Credit Management persists in debt-related communications, a debtor may want to consider hiring an attorney. It can sometimes be difficult to narrow down whether Midland Credit Management was the source of debt collections. But if you were contacted by one of the following numbers, it was most likely this institution: 888-303-3005, 866-633-7945, 630-869-5654, 404-537-0502, 866-941-9695, 888-714-7202, 866-941-9695, 866-902-3451.

Central Credit Services

When a collections agency like Central Credit Services won’t stop calling, it’s important to know your rights. Tactics used to collect debt should be in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a law established to ensure consumer rights. Constant phone calls, intimidating letters, and misleading information all qualify under this law as harassment or threat. Sometimes filing a cease-and-desist letter against Central Credit Services could get the organization to stop contacting you. But they also may simply ignore the correspondence, which means it might be time to hire a debt collections attorney.

Every time you receive communication from a debt collection agency it must identify itself. However, this requirement is often not fulfilled, leaving you with a mysterious phone number and a stressful encounter. Central Credit Services often uses a variety of phone numbers when it’s delivering collections notices. Please review the resources on our website for further information about this creditor.

Diversified Consultants

Many consumers don’t know that when a debt collection agency won’t stop contacting them, they have options. If tactics used to contact the debtor are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), then it may be time to take legal action. Diversified Consultants is a debt collection agency that will attempt to coerce people into paying off debts with letters, phone calls, and reports to the credit bureaus. Sending a cease-and-desist letter to Diversified Consultants is a common solution to this communication onslaught.

However, sometimes even a cease-and-desist letter cannot abate the phone calls. Hiring a debt collections attorney could be an important next step in ensuring your rights. An attorney can also help you determine the source of the debt collections, because in some cases you may only have a phone number and some voicemails. The following numbers are just a few used by Diversified Consultants to contact consumers: 502-403-2216, 503-278-5045, 704-323-8648, 201-942-4126, 904-247-5500, 866-427-5359, 877-770-1039, 949-407-6010, 201-499-7970, 866-427-5359, 713-574-9056, 385-212-2121, 401-519-9130.

Transworld Systems

If you are receiving phone calls from any of the numbers below, then they are collections calls from Transworld Systems. Transworld Systems is known for collecting debts on behalf of small businesses, banks, hospitals, retailers, universities, cities, manufacturers, and any other organization that accepts checks or offers credit. Common complaints of Transworld Systems is that they have repeatedly called customers, contacted customers at their place of employment after receiving requests not to contact them there, and contacted customers who confirmed they did not owe any debt in an attempt to gain information about the individual.

If you’ve been called by any of the numbers below, Transworld Systems is attempting to contact you regarding debt owed. Contact Martin and Bontrager today for a free consultation to see what can be done to stop the harassment.

248-680-6676, 253-627-8055, 484-919-8735, 502-429-8024, 707-236-3790, 707-236-3800, 707-236-3809, 707-236-3910, 707-236-3928

Enhanced Recovery Corp

If you get a call from any of the numbers below, it would be from Enhanced Recovery Corp. Enhanced Recovery Corp collects unpaid debts cellular accounts, retail businesses, auto finance organizations, and cable providers. They have been known to contact individuals at their place of employment, without permission. They have also had complaints filed against them for repeatedly calling, making false representations, threatened action with no legal base, and continued to collect funds the individual in question does not owe.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re getting calls from Enhanced Recovery Corp, contact Martin and Bontrager for a free consultation. We’re here to help you get peace of mind restored in your life.

800-459-0835, 800-358-4328, 800-474-0218, 800-501-9390, 800-576-2046, 800-496-7390, 800-3907-584, 800-427-5933, 800-658-0054, 800-305-5555, 800-576-1852, 800-305-5557, 800-493-1094