California Invasion of Privacy Act
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Protecting Your Rights Under The California Invasion of Privacy Act

We protect your rights according to the California Invasion of Privacy Act!
If you have ever had a debt collector or creditor record a phone conversation without your permission, you may be entitled to compensation. Under the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA), these practices are illegal, and our team of lawyers at Martin & Bontrager, APC, will fight tenaciously on your behalf.

Under California law, consent from all parties is required before recording a phone call, which may be different in other states. While some companies in and outside of California comply with CIPA regulations, some do not. Whether or not you suffered out of pocket damages due to the one-sided phone recording, you are entitled to file a suit and seek damages under CIPA. Compensation may be up to $5,000 per recorded calls, or three times your amount of out of pocket damages!
Here at Martin & Bontrager, we aggressively fight for the rights of the consumers against predatory practices by creditors, lenders, and debt collectors. You can count on us to put our experience to work for you, to get you the maximum compensation allowed under the law. When a company fails to obtain your consent before recording a phone call, reach out to our firm right away.

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