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EGS Financial Care (Formerly NCO Financial)

EGS, formerly known as NCO Financial, is one of the largest established debt collection companies in the country, and has been hit with hundreds of consumer complaints over the years. This company has been accused of nearly every form of debt collection harassment, including things like excessive call volume, failing to identify who they are when calling, and disclosing the private information of their debtors to friends and family. EGS has a large reach, with over 100 call operations centers, and hundreds of different phone numbers that they use to harass consumers. They also buy debts from other creditors, in addition to collecting debts themselves, along with outsourcing certain debts to smaller collection companies. EGS/NCO Financial has a history of threatening behavior over the phone. We can put a stop to the harassment, so call us today to discuss your rights.

This company uses many different phone numbers, including the following:

866-319-8981, 866-833-1704, 614-791-4717, 918-280-0811, 828-365-1084, 800-275-2105