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Many consumers don’t know that when a debt collection agency won’t stop contacting them, they have options. If tactics used to contact the debtor are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), then it may be time to take legal action. Diversified Consultants is a debt collection agency that will attempt to coerce people into paying off debts with letters, phone calls, and reports to the credit bureaus.
However, sometimes even a cease-and-desist letter cannot abate the phone calls and harassment. Hiring an FDCPA attorney could be an important next step in ensuring your rights. A consumer protection attorney can also help you determine the source of the debt collection abuse, because in some cases you may only have a phone number and some voicemails.

The following numbers are just a few used by Diversified Consultants to contact consumers:

502-403-2216, 503-278-5045, 704-323-8648, 201-942-4126, 904-247-5500, 866-427-5359, 877-770-1039, 949-407-6010, 201-499-7970, 866-427-5359, 713-574-9056, 385-212-2121, 401-519-9130.