Hair Discrimination Banned in California

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Hair Discrimination Banned in California

August 19th, 2019

California recently became the first state to ban employment discrimination based on a person’s natural hairstyle under the CROWN Act. Previously, New York City implemented a similar law, though California is now leading the way with statewide legislation. New York State and New Jersey have proposed similar statewide legislation that is pending. The law goes […]

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Labor & Employment Law FAQ

July 15th, 2019

Employers have considerable power over employees, as they can terminate employees at any time, for almost any reason. However, California law has many protections in place for employees so that companies do not engage in unfair or wrongful conduct. The following are only a few of the many common questions our labor and employment lawyers […]

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Consumer Protection FAQ

June 17th, 2019

Consumers rely on businesses and stores to provide products and services that help them live their daily lives. When a business tries to take advantage of a consumer or acts unfairly, consumers can incur financial losses and stress and may have the right to take legal action. Contact a consumer protection lawyer in Los Angeles […]

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Bankruptcy FAQ

May 14th, 2019

Bankruptcy helps thousands of consumers each year in the United States recover from crippling debt. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles can answer your specific questions, but the following are some common inquiries we receive. What bankruptcy options are there for consumers? The United States Bankruptcy Code sets out different types of bankruptcy under different […]

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How Long Can a Credit Card Company Collect a Debt?

April 11th, 2019

If a credit card is in default, the company has the right to file a lawsuit against you to obtain a judgment and collect payment for the debt. However, like most legal actions, there is only a limited amount of time in which credit card companies can file a claim. Every state has different statutes […]

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Chapter 13 FAQ

March 12th, 2019

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Chapter 13 is a type of consumer bankruptcy that allows a person to reorganize his or her debts. In Chapter 13, the person who files proposes a repayment to the court and, if it’s accepted, makes payments to a bankruptcy trustee for three to five years. The bankruptcy trustee makes […]

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Huge Increase in Robocalls in 2018

February 14th, 2019

Many people are simply starting to answer their phones less and less, which is no surprise based on the increasing number of robocalls happening in the U.S. Reports indicate that people received about 26.3 million calls from robots in 2018, which is a whopping 46 percent higher than in 2017. These calls come in at […]

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Bankruptcy and Your Tax Refund

January 11th, 2019

Many people look forward to tax season because it means they will get a tax refund. If you are planning to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or have a pending bankruptcy case, you may wonder what will happen to your tax refund. Can you keep it? Will the bankruptcy trustee take it? The answer depends largely […]

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Statute of Limitations for Consumer Debt Collection Lawsuits

December 13th, 2018

If you fail to pay a debt, you will likely receive phone calls and letters from your lender. Then, your lender may decide to file a lawsuit to obtain a judgment against you or may sell your debt to another company, which may begin its own collection efforts. Many people think they will simply have […]

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What is the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy?

December 10th, 2018

You likely know that the end goal of a consumer bankruptcy is the discharge of all of your qualified debts. However, did you know that filing bankruptcy can provide immediate stress relief, as well? When you file your petition, a court order automatically goes into effect called the “automatic stay,” which can be immediately beneficial […]

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