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If you’ve been receiving collection calls and/or have credit report or banking disputes with Bank of America, we’re here to help. Many consumers don’t understand there are numerous regulations regarding how companies treat you – whether or not you owe them money. Organizations must abide by specific rules when contacting debtors, and Bank of America is no exception.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to determine if Bank of America is even the source of the harassment. Agencies use a wide variety of contact information, from toll-free to unknown to local phone numbers. With assistance from an attorney, debtors can assert their consumer rights against the creditor and put a stop to the harassment or fix credit report errors.

Bank of America EDD Class Action Lawsuit

If you have had your unemployment debit card account with Bank of America frozen or your account has been hacked, it’s important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Bank of America has an exclusive contract to disperse funds for California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), and tens of thousands of Californians have lost access to their accounts, had their information changes, and had money stolen from them.

Earlier this year, people affected by these issues filed a class-action lawsuit against Bank of America, alleging that the organization did not take sufficient measures to protect consumers. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that the defendant did not effectively secure debit cards with microchip technology, did not stop data breaches on accounts, and failed to reimburse consumers as required by their contract with the Employment Development Division. If you believe you have a claim related to these issues, call our office at 323.940.1700 today.

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